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Accelerates Drug Discovery

Celeris One™

Celeris One™

Target Discovery

From Disease to Target

Automated phenotypic screening and sequencing to identify and validate pathogenic proteins. We are using active learning and data augmentation with in silico computations and in vitro experiments for rapid target discovery.

Drug Discovery

From Target to Hit to Lead

We screen targets within the human proteome for potential off- and anti-targets, thus identifying adversarial effects. Once these hidden relationships are identified, existing databases with millions of small molecules are exploited to find the most specific ligands to targets. By deeply understanding the chemical space we exploit, we generate novel ligands based on predicted molecular properties.

Automated Lab Validation

From Lead to Validation

Deep learning aided synthesis planning allows generating the leads to automatically validate them in an automated lab. By iterating the validation results with the previous module, we generate more leads tailored to desired properties.

Better drugs faster.

We are Celeris

We are an international team of highly skilled experts from disciplines as computer science, theoretical physics, and medicinal chemistry.

Our team is complemented by highly esteemed advisors and investors at the intersection of artificial intelligence and life sciences.

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DI Christopher Trummer, MSc.


Jakob Hohenberger


Hosein Fooladi, MSc



DI Christopher Trummer, MSc.


Jakob Hohenberger


Dr. Ronjon Nag

Non-Executive Director

Petr Šrámek, MBA

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Siham Ceballos

Non-Executive Director

Scientific Advisors

Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Reymond

Former Dir. of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Bern.

Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Kirchmair

Head of Comp. Drug Discovery and Design at the University of Vienna.

Assist.-Prof. Dr. Günter Klambauer

Ass. Professor at the Johannes Kepler University Linz for AI.

Prof. Dr. Ola Spjuth

Professor at the University of Uppsala.

FH-Prof. Dr. Stephan Winkler

Professor at the FH Hagenberg for Bioinformatics.

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