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We are an international team of highly skilled experts from disciplines as computer-aided drug design, biology, medicinal chemistry and machine learning.

Our team is complemented by highly esteemed advisors and investors at the intersection of artificial intelligence and life sciences.

One Team. One Vision.


Recruiting process

1. Interview

It all starts with a conversation. You will have a remote dialog with a people manager to clarify the basics.

2. Assessment

As the next step, you will have a conversation with the team lead to assess both the specific role and responsibilities and the required skills.

3. Hiring tasks

After the assessment, the team lead provides you an individual set of tasks to better understand your way of working and solutions.

The City of Graz

  • Graz is Austria’s second largest city in the heart of Europe
  • Population: around 330,000 (> 60,000 are students)
  • Average age: 41 years
  • Cold winters and hot summers (up to 30°C)
  • 4 Universities, 2 Universities of Applied Sciences, 2 University Colleges of Teacher Education
  • Official language: German
  • Official currency: Euro
  • Lovely old town in the center

In terms of health, nine out of ten respondents gave Graz a good rating, and the city has also done its homework when it comes to education, with 88 percent appreciating the relevant infrastructure. But the “soft skills” also paint a positive picture. After all, 88 percent trust in or to their neighbors in this country. (Source: Graz.at)

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Reasons why Graz is a great place to live


Graz is the second-largest city in Austria, with ~300.000 permanent residents.
That makes Graz large enough so that there is always enough going on, but at the same time quiet in the suburbs and easy to commute to.
So there are many shops, universities, restaurants, bars, schools, but no matter where you live in Graz, you should always be able to get to the city centre within 15 minutes by bike.

Bicycle-friendly city

The city centre can be reached by bike from every part of Graz and there are cycling tracks that will take you almost anywhere in the city. Austrian drivers are used to cyclists, making cycling safe on the roads. Parents even take their children to school by bike! A bike in Graz is always a good option if you are living in Graz. Public transport can be quite expensive.

Reliable services

The public services in Graz work very smoothly. Whether doctor’s appointments, health insurance, appointments at other public institutions, transport – everything is well timed and very reliable.

Multicultural place

Due to its geographical location, in the centre of Europe, many nations are united in Graz.
Thousands of Erasmus students come to Graz every year, and many people from Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary or Italy work in Graz. The majority of Grazers speak English and many learn Italian or Spanish at school.

Silicon Valley of Austria

Graz is a thriving hub for IT and biotech companies in Austria, with many start-ups located here and more and more TechBio companies moving into offices and labs here. Especially if you work in the IT field, there is a wide range of jobs. This also contributes to the growth of the city.

Beautiful nature in Graz

If you want to get out of the city, either at the weekend or after work, to enjoy nature, Graz offers many possibilities. It starts with the Styrian hill country and the beautiful nature, from the Green Lake, the Bärenschützklamm and the Hochschwab, to the Mur cycle path that leads to the southern Styrian wine country. Activities such as skiing and snowboarding are possible in 1-2 hours by car in the Alps. The city itself also offers many parks and a promenade along the river (Mur). Much of the infrastructure is completely newly built.

Culinary delights and treats

Graz is a city for gourmets. Be it restaurants, cafés, bars and bakeries, all kinds of treats are on offer here. Besides upscale restaurants, there are many inexpensive options. The vegan/vegetarian cuisine is great and there are also many options for snacks from all kinds of countries, from Thai, Indian, Chinese, Turkish to excellent Italian.

Safe place

Crime rate is low and decreasing compared to other Austrian cities like Vienna. It is enormously safe to live in Graz, given that Austria is ranked 4th in various global safety indices.

One Team. One Vision.